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Svítilna Acebeam EC65 NICHIA CRI USB / 2500lm (1min-2h18min) / 206m / 6 režimů / IPx8 / Včetně Li-Ion 21700 / 82gr

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Výrobce:  Acebeam
Číslo produktu: AEC65CRI

  • Doporučené příslušenství (vše skladem):
    Acebeam 21700 Li-Ion 5100mAh 20A Dobíjecí,
    Acebeam 21700 Li-Ion 5100mAh 20A Dobíjecí,
    Acebeam 21700 Li-Ion 5100mAh 20A Dobíjecí, Acebeam 21700 Li-Ion 5100mAh 20A Dobíjecí, chráněné baterie Li-Ion 21700 High Drain RDobíjecí, chráněné baterie a 4pcs Mosfet, 5100mAh  3.7V 20A  ( LG Core)
  • Popis

    Svítilna Acebeam EC65 NICHIA CRI

    4x Nichia 90+ CRI LEDs
    2:Orange peel TIR lens
    3:Max Output 2500 lumens
    4:Powered by 1x21700 5100mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery (included)
    Moonlight: 20 lms, 4 days, 10m, 27cd
    Low: 250 lms, 7 hours 48 minutes, 33m, 280cd
    Mid: 500 lms, 3 hours 12 minutes, 49m, 590cd
    High: 1400 - 700 lms, 4 mins + 2 hours 29 minutes, 81m, 1630cd
    Turbo: 2500 - 700 lms, 1 min + 2 hours 31 minutes, 109m, 2980cd
    Strobe: 900 lms, 4 hours
    5:Max beam throw: 109 meters
    6:Peak beam intensity 2980cd

    7:Impact resistant: 1.2meters
    8:Waterproof: under water 5 meters
    9:Size:114.5mm (Length)x30mm (Head dia.)x27mm (Tube dia.)
    10:Weight: 82g (without battery)
    11:Carclo TIR Lens: product highly efficient optics with a hug variety of beam shapes
    12:Type-C USB rechargeable port for fast charging 
    13:Being capable of standing up securely on a flat surface to use in "candle mode"
    14:Digitally regulated output- maintains constant brightness
    15:Side switch on the body
    16:Over-heat protection to avoid high-temperature of the surface
    17:Made of durable aircraft grade aluminium
    18:Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
    19:Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
    20:Excellent knurling on the canister for firm grip

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